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My brother Ken was recently featured on WTPL in NH, live from Afghanistan! You can listen to it by following this link. If you would like to download and save the file (10.3 meg .mp3) RIGHT click here and select "save link as."

We love to visit Key West. Planning on going yourself? Check out our travelogue.

We decided to have a mural painted on our deck. It’s our version of the East Coast. Painted by D. Lucas.  Take a look


My name is Scott Piehler. I am a graduate of The New Hampton School ('82), and The University of New Hampshire ('86). I currently reside in GA, outside of Atlanta, with my wife and daughter. You can find me on Facebook

Looking for a GREAT place to stay in Metro Atlanta? Try The King Keith House in Inman Park. Dynamite B&B in one of Atlanta's great historic districts. I strongly recommend The Cottage if it's available. Don't miss out on the excellent breakfast!

We are the proud owners of a purebred Standard Poodle named Athena. She was born on December 11, 2005. We got her from a great breeder, Karen Allen of Mt. Hope Standard Poodles in Lawrenceville, GA. If you click the Mt. Hope link, you'll see a picture of Elle, Athena's mother, plus great info about Mt. Hope.

I do freelance voice work. You can hear multiple demos here.

From time to time, I sell a few interesting items on Facebook You'll find any current auctions I'm running by clicking on the Ebay Logo.

My family and I delight in finding good quality resaurants, local and independent when we can help it. Here's what we've found for great dining in Gwinnett County.

We can be a theatrical family, Click on the links for pictures of the family in various shows.
Christmas Eve & Other Stories
The Christmas Attic
The Lost Christmas Eve
The Lost Christmas Eve 2009
Here's a video sample of our 2009 production.

    SB XXXVI             SB XXXVIII         SB XXXIX
The whole family loves THE PATS!

Everybody's got their favorite useful links. Here's mine.

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